our ingredients

Our ingredients are simple, pure, all-natural, and 100% organic. We’ve had these parameters from the very beginning. Interestingly enough, our standards have actually become higher as we’ve grown our business. Why? Because we realized that not all oats taste the same!

It was extremely shocking for us to learn that oats from different farms actually have different flavors and textures and that the same is also true for all other ingredients – even if they’re all 100% organic. If anyone ever tells you a blueberry is a blueberry is a blueberry, you tell them it’s simply not true.

Once we learned that, we searched the country for the best ingredients across the land. We really had no choice. With a product like Muesli, we can’t hide behind sugar or artificial flavors. Quality ingredients are what make Muesli taste good. By now, we’re thrilled to say we’re very happy with all our ingredients and all our suppliers.

blueberry bush

other standards for choosing ingredients

We also have a couple additional standards (besides quality, taste, and organic-ness) when it comes to choosing ingredients:

  • Little-to-no sugar: Most of our fruits contains no added sugar whatsoever. The only exceptions are the cranberries and banana chips (and the chocolate of course). The reason for that is that it’s actually really hard to source these fruits as organic AND sugar-free. When choosing one or the other, we’ll always choose organic.
  • No sulfer dioxide: A lot of dried fruits contain a preservative called sulfur dioxide. What is that? We don’t know… which is why none of our fruits have it! We were careful to choose the purest dried fruits we could find.

ingredients in mueslihaus Muesli

Below is a list of all of our ingredients. Not all Mueslis contain all nuts, seeds, or fruits listed. That would be very unfair for people with allergies. Plus, it wouldn’t be as fun. It’s fun to have a favorite flavor.

  • Grains: Oats, Wheat Flakes, Barley Flakes, Rye Flakes
  • Nuts: Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews, Coconut Flakes
  • Seeds: Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds
  • Dried Fruits: Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Bananas, Mangos, Cranberries, Raisins, Apricots, Dates
  • Chocolate: No milk rice chocolate (vegan)

for a happier, healthier you

Our product is our ingredients – quite literally. We said it before, and we’ll say it again: With a product like Muesli, we can’t hide behind sugar or artificial flavors. Quality ingredients are what make Muesli taste good, and quality ingredients are what lead to a happier, healthier you.