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How to eat Muesli is a pretty common question. Because it’s so versatile, there are really endless possibilities. The only thing we don’t really suggest is eating Muesli directly out of the bag.

Since Muesli is made with pure, raw ingredients like oats and grains, it really needs to be slightly soaked or softened before enjoying. You can think of preparing Muesli the same way you might prepare oats. Here are some ideas about how to eat Muesli:

how to eat muesli like cereal

like cereal

add some milk to your muesli like a traditional breakfast cereal

how to eat muesli with yogurt

with yogurt

add it to your yogurt for additional flavors and textures

prepare muesli like oatmeal

like oatmeal

heat it on a stovetop with milk or water just like you would cook oatmeal

with a smoothie bowl

Muesli makes the perfect topping for all of your smoothie bowl creations. Plus, we have signature smoothie bowls for you to try!

overnight oats

as overnight oats

add some yogurt/milk and fresh fruit to your muesli and leave it in the fridge overnight for a refreshingly simple morning.

smoothie bowls are fancy and fun!

check out our signature smoothie bowl recipes.

Feel free to get creative!

One of the best things about Muesli is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. If your Muesli contains strawberries, try adding fresh strawberries too to amplify the flavor. Or mix it up with fresh blueberries instead. You can also add some spices like nutmeg or cinnamon, especially if you’re preparing some overnight oats. Another idea is to top it off with a sweet drizzle of honey or even a scoop of Nutella! MMM! We all need those cheat days.

muesli vs granola

While Muesli looks and sounds a lot like granola, there is one key difference: Unlike granola, Muesli isn’t processed and has no added sugars. But, this doesn’t mean that Muesli isn’t sweet. Most Muesli recipes have a variety of dried fruits to add the perfect level of sweetness to every meal. It’s all of the sweetness with none of the guilt! 

The left is Muesli. The right is granola. As you can see, granola is often darker than Muesli because it’s roasted with honey and other added sweeteners.

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why Muesli?

Healthy, delicious, and nutritious, it’s simply a better way to breakfast.

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