What is Muesli?

First and foremost, Muesli is the greatest breakfast in the world. If you haven’t tried it, you definitely should. It’s delicious, filling, and amazing for your health. It might actually change your life.

More specifically, Muesli is a traditional European breakfast consisting of a mixture of grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. It was originally “invented” in the last 1800s by a Swiss doctor who used to “prescribe” it to his patients to improve their health. His patients loved it and how it made them feel so much that Muesli gained popularity all throughout Europe!

How am I supposed to eat Muesli?

There are many ways to eat Muesli. Options include:

  1. Like cereal – Pour milk in your Muesli and eat it like a traditional breakfast cereal.
  2. Like oatmeal – Heat it on a stovetop with milk or water just like you would cook oatmeal.
  3. Like overnight oats – Add milk, water, or yogurt to your Muesli, put it in the fridge, and leave it to soak overnight.
  4. With yogurt – Add it to your yogurt for additional flavors and textures.

We like it best with plain, whole fat, Greek yogurt and some fresh fruit on top – specifically, blueberries and bananas. Sometimes, Klaus prefers to eat them with milk like traditional cereal. Kelly adds a drizzle of honey on top sometimes for a little extra sweetness.

What’s the difference between Muesli and granola?

While Muesli looks and sounds a lot like granola, there is one key difference: Unlike granola, Muesli isn’t processed and has no added sugars. But, this doesn’t mean that Muesli isn’t sweet. Most Muesli recipes have a variety of dried fruits to add the perfect level of sweetness to every meal. It’s all of the sweetness with none of the guilt! 

Also, it’s important to point out that while Granola is often enjoyed straight out of the box, it would be pretty difficult to “enjoy” Muesli without adding some milk, water, or yogurt to soften the grains.

Are your ingredients organic?

ALMOST ALL of our ingredients are organic. Right now, the only ingredients that aren’t are our wheat flakes and barley flakes, but we’re currently on the mission to find a great organic wheat and barley flakes supplier. So, if you are one or know of a good one, feel free to reach out to info@mueslihaus.com. We’d love to connect,

Where do your ingredients come from?

All of our ingredients come from eco-friendly, organic farmers. We only work with farmers who are committed to sustainability on all levels – farming, packaging, and shipping.

We’re currently seeking a supplier for organic wheat and barley flakes! If you are one or know of one, please reach out!

Do you add any preservatives, artificial flavors, or sweeteners?

Nope! We don’t add any preservations, artificial flavors, or sweeteners to our Muesli mixes. That said, we do have two guilty little ingredients 🙂 Our banana chips are made with a little bit of organic coconut oil and organic cane sugar, and our organic milk chocolate chunks do have some added sugars.

We thought about using dark chocolate and even thought about using pure chocolate. But, WOW! That stuff is bitter! So we stuck to sweet and simple milk chocolate.

If you would prefer dark chocolate, we want to know! Send a message to info@mueslihaus.com and share your thoughts. We’d really love to hear them.

What is the most popular Muesli?

Ooooo what a tough question. Our orders and reorders are honestly pretty even, and we’ve heard people rave about each and every Muesli. It’s really a question of taste and character.

That said, we can tell you Klaus and Kelly’s favorites. Klaus is a sucker for the chocolate raspberry mix in heart Muesli. Kelly loves the sweet strawberry-banana flavored happy Muesli.

What is your standard delivery time?

Most standard orders will ship from our warehouse between 2 and 4 business days after you complete your order. Your order will most likely ship via USPS. Orders typically arrive within 3-5 days, however, because USPS is a third-party delivery service, we cannot guarantee this timeline. 

Customized orders may take longer! See below.

What is the standard delivery time for customized Muesli?

We try to ship all Muesli orders (even customized orders!) within 2 and 4 business days. However, if we get a lot of customized orders, it may take us a bit longer to fill them. So, please give us up to 5 business days to fill and ship your order. Thanks for your patience!

What is your return policy?

At mueslihaus, we’re committed to our customers’ satisfaction, but we also know that returning food can be a bit tricky. That’s why we handle all of our returns on a case-by-case basis.

Share your story and why you want to return your Muesli by writing an email to myorder@mueslihaus.com. Our returns and refunds team will do their best to assess your case and determine the best possible outcome.