our story

People ask us all the time why we decided to start a Muesli business. It’s a pretty simple story actually. Both of us love Muesli, and we couldn’t find a Muesli brand in the United States that lived up to our expectations (which, in fairness, are pretty high when it comes to Muesli).

First and foremost, we wanted organic ingredients. We ALWAYS buy organic when we can. Secondly, we wanted fun, fruity flavors. One of the coolest things about Muesli is that even though the basic premise of all flavors is the same, every flavor can be fun, flavorful, and unique. And third, we wanted little-to-no added sugar. There’s just no need for sugar in cereal. That’s what fruit is for.

fruity & flavorful

There are so many awesome fruits in this world, and we want to use them all! Well, maybe not all of them… but we do plan on using a lot in all our current Mueslis and all our future flavors too.

little-to-no sugar

Sugar is bad for you. Muesli is good for you. There is no place for sugar in Muesli. That’s why 95% of mueslihaus ingredients contain absolutely no added sugar. We cheated a little with the chocolate… You’re welcome (:

organic ingredients

Organic tastes better and feels better. Plus, it’s better for the planet. Although not yet certified, we’re working on it. Soon, you’ll see a pretty little organic badge on each and every mueslihaus Muesli.

mueslihaus founders

about the founders

Kelly was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania. She discovered Muesli while searching for foods to help improve her gut health. Guess what! It worked! She’s been eating Muesli for breakfast since 2018, and her gut has been happy and healthy ever since.

Klaus was born and raised in Germany. Shocking, right? (: He loves Muesli and has been eating Muesli ever since he can remember. Being German, he’s the one with the extra high Muesli standards. In fact, before we created mueslihaus, he used to smuggle bags of Muesli in his suitcase from Germany to the United States. He’s proud to say he doesn’t do this anymore.

for a happier, healthier you

Muesli has made us happier and healthier for a combined total of 35 years! (You can do the math to learn at least one of our ages.) We’re beyond excited to share our favorite breakfast with Charleston and soon with the rest of the country. It’s truly a breakfast for a happier, healthier you.