Month: March 2021

how to pronounce Muesli

If you’re wondering how to pronounce Muesli, you’re not alone. It’s a weird word. Plus, it’s not pronounced at all how it looks. If you look at the word, it looks like it should be pronounced Mu-ess-lee. In reality, however, it’s pronounced as if some of the letters are swapped […]

how to make hot Muesli

One of the greatest benefits of Muesli is that it’s so versatile. You can enjoy it with milk as a simple and healthy breakfast cereal. You can add some yogurt and fresh fruit to make a beautiful and delicious yogurt parfait. You can even make hot Muesli and cook it […]

wheat in a field

what are wheat flakes?

If a recipe is calling for wheat flakes, and you’re not exactly sure what they are, you have every right to be confused. A quick Google search will likely yield very mixed results. On one hand, you’ll see round, dime-sized, crunchy flakes that look similar to corn flakes. On the […]